If you are struggling with withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol, making it difficult for you to recover, the way out is to get a professional medically proven organization like Sublime Wellness Center for detoxification. By going through the detoxification process, the withdrawals symptoms of your addictions can be taken care of. This would enable you to deal with any kind of drawbacks as you walk into recovery.

Most people get frightened when they hear about drug detoxification. They fear that they would be severely affected by the detox taken. But the fact is that you would rather feel better each day and be able to live the life of your own without depending on any drug. Professionals such as Sublime Wellness Center makes sure that they take the health of the patient very serious and provides them tailored detox so that they can be able to overcome the wall of withdrawal symptoms combating their recovery.

Before we look at the steps involve the drug detoxification process, you have to understand what detoxification actually means. What is detoxification? It is simply the medical process of removing drugs from the body so that the associated withdrawal symptoms an individual experiences as a result of the drug can be reduced. The process lasts for several days depending on the circumstances, allowing the person to lay the foundation for recovery.

The following are the three steps used in the drug detoxification process.

  1. Evaluation
  2. Stabilization
  3. Entry Treatment


This is the first step in the detoxification process. During the evaluation, a certified medical doctor uses blood tests to determine the amount of drug in the patients system. By knowing the amount of drugs available in the blood stream, the doctor is able to know the amount of drugs to be applied. It also helps to determine the drug, medical and psychiatric history of the drug on the person and finally help to create a personalized treatment plan.


The stabilization process involves measures put in place to avoid complications associated with the detox application. During this process, the patient is stabilized with medical and psychological therapy. This helps to prevent the patient from being harmed through the detoxification process as well as gaining the required result through the process.

Entry Treatment

This is the last step in the detoxification program. Through this procedure, the patient is being prepared for the treatment program. The doctor helps patients to know what to expect during the detoxification as well as how to conduct themselves through the process. Sublime Wellness Center offers the best inpatient treatment program for patients.