6 Benefits Of The Photorejuvenation Therapy That You Must Know About

It is the treatment of skin disorders with the help of light beams that’s called as photorejuvenation. Besides, it’s more popularly known as IPL laser skin treatment or Intense Pulsed Light Treatment used for the correction of sun damaged skin. Since IPL is a meticulous procedure that has its own sets of precaution, you should be serious about choosing the right clinic and doctors to rejoice only the benefits and not get affected by the side effects.

6 Must Know Stunning Benefits Of The IPL Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

IPL should not be confused with the laser therapy for hair removal. Instead, it is the therapy for skin transformation. The best 6 benefits of this treatment are given below.

  1. IPL is used to treat UV damage. Thus, it’s a highly effective therapy to cure wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots, and dryness
  2. IPL is used as a pigmentation correction therapy that can be used to cure redness in rosacea as well
  3. This light-based skin treatment can effectively cure vascular lesions as well
  4. IPL is used for the eradication of acne marks and redness caused by fresh acne bumps
  5. IPL therapy activates the skin’s protein, collagen. It keeps the skin younger and firmer
  6. IPL skin treatment is used to brighten up dull skin. However, the therapy does not work well on black skin. Which is why it’s recommended for fair to medium-brown skin only.

How To Prepare The Skin For IPL Treatment?

Once your doctor suggests that IPL is the corrective treatment that you require, you must follow all the necessary instructions to prepare your skin for the treatment. And the 4 unmistakenly important considerations are given below.

  • Do not get your skin artificially tanned
  • Do not expose the area to be treated to sun
  • Stop using retinol-based products and every other product that your doctor finds unsafe at least 2 weeks before the treatment has to take place
  • Keep hydrated and moisturized at all times

How To Take Care Of The Skin After The Treatment?

Once your skin has been treated with IPL pulses, you should do the following for a fast recovery.

  • Do not move out in the sun for the first week
  • Apply a high SPF sunscreen even when indoors
  • Do not take a hot bath and do not rub the treated skin harshly. Simply pat it dry with a clean towel

On a closing more, IPL is the safest treatment for photo damage as long as you carefully follow what your doctors suggest.