Am I Too Old for Orthodontic Treatment?

The definition of old certainly changes as time passes and being in my mid-30’s, I once thought I’m now old! At the end of the day, age is just a number and you’re only as old as you believe you are. Lots of people look in the mirror one day and decide to change their life. Whether that may be quitting their job and starting a new career, retiring and traveling the world, or enhancing their smile with orthodontic treatment.

It can sometimes be a difficult transition, but the hardest part is making the decision and pulling the trigger. With orthodontic treatment, many people question whether they’re too old and if the time and money is really worth it. Only you can answer that question, however it’s important to keep in mind that you’re never too old for a better smile! Today, an increasing number of adults are deciding to receive orthodontic treatment considering that both the costs and treatment times have decreased significantly.

There are a variety of orthodontic treatments available today ranging from traditional metal braces, lingual braces (braces fixed to the back of teeth), and Invisalign which is essentially a retainer that resembles a super thin mouthguard. Thanks to technology, patients can receive treatment that is almost invisible to others so it doesn’t disrupt their active lifestyle. With Invisalign for example, the clear aligners used to move teeth into the desired position are barely visible to others so patients don’t need to be worried about their self-image (which is a common problem). Depending on the complexity of your orthodontic issues and your budget, each of these options are available to patients with varying degrees of visibility to others.

In any case, all orthodontic options use the bone remodelling process to shift teeth and their roots into the ideal position. By applying force to the teeth, a cellular response is initiated when bone cells assemble around the root of the tooth. This cellular response triggers changes in the bone surrounding the tooth which enables orthodontists to move teeth into the correct position.

Patients who receive orthodontic treatment can have a range of conditions, and some of the most common orthodontic conditions that people are faced with include:

  • Gapped teeth – usually caused by abnormal jaw growth
  • Crowded teeth – when teeth don’t have enough room to fit within the mouth
  • Overbite – the lower teeth bite into the tissue of the upper jaw
  • Underbite – the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw
  • Open bite – the teeth of the upper jaw don’t make contact with the teeth of the lower jaw
  • Crossbite – the lower and upper jaws are misaligned

While it’s always best to receive orthodontic treatment when you’re younger (simply because your teeth are in better condition), you can still achieve a beautiful smile and healthy teeth at any age. Older patients generally have some sort of complications like missing teeth, fillings, or worn teeth, and treatment will usually take longer because adults have denser bone tissue than younger people. Not only does orthodontic treatment allow patients to enhance their smile, but it also resolves a lot of health issues that may cause other problems, such as TMJ, periodontal disease, and plaque accumulation.

Orthodontic treatment generally lasts for roughly 22 months, during which time you’ll need to visit your orthodontist for check-ups every four to eight weeks. While orthodontic treatment may cost you several of thousands of dollars, you’ll be receiving a myriad of benefits in return, from a better smile and healthier teeth, improved oral health, the ability to clean your teeth more easily, and improved self-confidence.

If you’ve made the decision to improve yourself and are interested in receiving orthodontic treatment, get in touch with Clear Smile Orthodontics on the Gold Coast. With the latest technology and treatment options, phone their staff today on 07 5593 3733 for a free consultation.