Help Your Staff Get Past the Monday Blues and Beyond

Why is the work morale so low on Mondays? Your employees come into the office (often late) and it seems to take them forever to get with the program. They’re groggy, less social, making senseless mistakes, and lack the team effort you need to get things done. Not only does this demeanor change the vibe in the workplace but it slows productivity and reduces the quality of their work. As an employer, it is imperative to figure out what’s going on and do what you can to help your team find resolve.

Sunday Scaries and Monday Blues

Of course, everyone prefers the weekends to the work week. You’ve had time to clear your head of the stress in the office and indulge in your personal life. For most people, two days really isn’t enough time to rejuvenate and prepare for the week ahead. Many simply push themselves to start the week off, but others find the transition to be so challenging that they suffer from the Sunday Scaries. This is a form of anxiety in which they experience physical and emotional changes at the thought of heading into the office the next day. Some won’t eat, sleep, or do much of anything as they dread the days ahead. Then, as Monday arrives, the anxiety turns into blues.

What to Do

As a supervisor there are things you can do to help your staff overcome the Sunday scaries and/or Monday blues. Most people struggle with these feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression as a result of thinking about the pressures that lie ahead. Workloads, conflicts, meeting deadlines, difficult clients and/or customers, and a host of other things can make the idea of coming to work less exciting. Here’s how you can help change that:

Make Mondays More Inviting – Create a working environment that your team is excited to come to. On Mondays, perhaps you could do something to make it more fun. Have breakfast catered or suggest potluck, give the team an extra 15-20 minutes to get started and instead allow them to catch up with coworkers, eliminate meetings or project deadlines on Monday to reduce stress, and whatever else you can come up with to ease the tensions.

Talk with Staff – The only way to create a better workplace environment is to find out what your employee’s concerns are. Have a meeting with your staff individually to determine what their issues may be and how you might best resolve them. This may include investing in better software or equipment, balancing workloads better, improved training, opportunities for promotions, increased pay, better benefits, flexible time off, and more.

You hired your employees to handle a job, but it’s important to remember that they’re human beings. After spending the last 48 hours with their loved ones participating in activities they enjoy with little to no pressures or routines, it’s hard to get in the mindset to head back to the office. Though you can’t do much to change what’s going on in their personal life, you can let them know you understand and make Mondays easier by creating a workplace environment they’re willing to come to on a regular basis.