Is Medical Marijuana Addictive?

Any kind of drug is addictive if taken in an uncontrollable level. However, The National Institute on Drug Abuse opines that marijuana may cause addiction. Not only so, but it can also prove to be a gateway drug to the other kinds of life staking drugs. But, they have not focused on the fact that only medical marijuana is being promoted and not for recreation which has a solid ground to be rejected. The countries like Canada have approved of marijuana or Cannabis because of its medicinal agents and not as intoxicants.

Why is medical marijuana not considered to be an addictive drug?

Marijuana plant consists over one hundred chemicals which can be combined according to the need of the disease which is to be addressed. Added to it, only a recommended amount of dosage is prescribed as per the detection of ailment. If these conditions are to be followed accurately without fail, there is no reason for marijuana to become addictive. Rather it can prove to be an excellent medicinal plant just like tulsi or neem.

What are the added advantages of using medical marijuana?

Medicinal marijuana being an herb does not have a side effect which would last longer. Most medicines discovered till now have proven to impart a side effect to the patient apart from relieving them from the ailment. Sometimes the side effects are temporary but in some cases, it lasts longer or is permanent. In fact, over dosage of the already existing medicines without marijuana may prove to be detrimental to health and even cause death.

A body is said to get addictive to any kind of drugs that are included on a daily basis. Marijuana is, thus, not to be blamed. A wise use of cannabis to relieve pain and for treatments is equally helpful and not to forget, they are the nature’s gift. It, thus, can’t be avoided for the not so reputable image of its recreational use.

Medical Marijuana, now being accepted and widely used by 30 countries including Russia, France, Scotland, Mexico are soon to influence the countries which still do not recognize marijuana as a medicinal herb. Medical Marijuana is all set to invoke a revolution in the field of medical science.