Men’s Talk: 5 Ways to Increase Your Libido

If you aren’t aware of the many benefits sex can give, let me list some of them here. Sex can in fact burn calories, promote happiness, better sleep, longevity, great health prevents heart attack, drive away depression and makes you look younger and attractive. But let us be honest, sex is performed as it gives both partners the feeling of being loved and pleasure.

Other than the pleasure, sex strengthens your bond as a couple and sexual satisfaction is also associated with the stability of the relationships. When they fulfill one another’s sexual desires, relationship satisfaction is increased.

However, quality of sex might be affected by numerous factors, one of it is the level of libido. Libido is defined as the desire for sexual activity. Lower libido might cause dissatisfaction and worst, it can ruin your relationship!

A recent study in the US, 31% of the male population is affected by sexual dysfunction and one of the common problems is low libido or low sex drive. For a little help, listed below are the top 5 ways to increase your desire for sexual activity and make her love you more.

1.     Stay Trim and Exercise

One of the common observations that come with men as they age is obesity and belly fat. These two are testosterone killers. One study showed that teen boys who are obese have 50% less testosterone than their non-obese peers. It might be that fat cells contain more aromatase, an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen.

Exercise can do some wonders in helping you maintain your shape and weight. A few days of doing exercises and going to the gym can make a person feel sexier, more confident and experience an increase in sex drive.

Several studies claimed that exercise has a positive effect on the sex drive of men. Men who participate in exercise one hour per day, three to five days a week have experienced significant changes in their sex life. There is an increase in the frequency of sex, sexual function, and percentage of satisfying orgasms. The more the exercise regime, the higher the sex drive.

However, excessive exercise can have an opposite effect on the sex drive. Intense strength training workouts, cardio workouts and endurance training can actually deplete the body of sex hormones. It can reduce or stop the production of sex hormones and increase the production of stress hormones instead. So, opt for regular exercises at moderate intensities and do not overtrain your body.

2. Get eight hours of sleep

In this modern era where the use of gadgets is becoming prevalent, quality of sleep is being compromised. We keep ourselves awake in front of computer games, Netflix subscriptions and social media updates. These hours of staying up are chipping away your testosterone production.

A study concludes that lack of sleep kills a man’s sex drive. They found that men with poor sleep patterns have significantly lower levels of testosterone. Reduced levels of this hormone can reduce libido and poor reproduction which can result to lack of sex drive. This is a common problem among women married to workaholic husbands, lack of interest in bed.

This claim was supported by the scientists from the University of Chicago in which they found that sleep-deprivation could drop testosterone level. After only one week of just five hours of sleep, participants testosterone levels dropped by 10-15%. Though this might sound macho, it is actually depleting the male most important hormone, testosterone.

Our body replenishes its reserves by sleeping. When you are sleep deprived it increases your cortisol levels, slows down thyroid production and decreases testosterone production.

Not only does sleep impacts sexual desire or libido, it also affects fertility. A Danish study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that sleep deprivation lowers sperm count in men. Hormone secretion is dictated by the circadian rhythm. When it is interrupted, your body won’t release as many reproductive hormones which affect fertility. With this being said getting adequate sleep is a must. Read some Counting Sheep Research articles about sleep to guide you through.

3. Reduce Stress and Relax

Stress can have an indirect impact on your sex life. When we are stressed, our body is producing a hormone to counter its effect which could affect metabolism and promotes weight gain. When you feel you’re gaining weight or you feel sluggish, it makes you feel bad about yourself. It will cause you to lost self-confidence and it’s pretty difficult to shed your clothes and engage yourself in bed with your partner. Stress is indeed affecting your sex life.

Chronic stress may also indirectly affect a healthy sex life. It may lead to depression and anxiety and people who feel stressed complain that they aren’t in the mood to have sex at all. It can increase heart rate in a bad way and increase blood pressure which is both damaging to sexual desire and performance.

Stress does not only exist in our mind. Scientifically speaking, when you are stressed, your body increases its cortisol level which reduces libido. Testosterone production is decreasing in favor of the cortisol, the stress fighter.

Other than this, stress can also trigger some bad habits as it will make you rely on to these to unwind such as smoking and alcohol consumption which can also affect sexual performance. Little use of red wine can improve circulation. However, too much of it may have adverse effects.

Give yourself a chance to relax by doing some meditation and yoga even for about 10 minutes a day. Doing so can give your body the opportunity to reboot and rebalance which lowers the cortisol and an increase in testosterone level. Changing your lifestyle may not be easy but you will reap its benefits in the end.

4. Eat libido-boosting foods.

There are certain foods that naturally boost your libido. For instance, foods that are high in zinc helps the body produce hormones such as testosterone. Example of these foods are oysters, beef, lamb, spinach, nuts and seeds. Zinc is also found to help increase sperm production which helps increase fertility.

Chili peppers should also be included in the list. It contains capsaicin that can relax arteries and facilitate better blood flow to the muscles, heart and other organs including the penis. There is also evidence that this ingredient improves performance.

Don’t forget the cruciferous vegetables in your diet lists such as Brussel sprouts, kale, cauliflower and cabbage as they contain phytonutrients. Phytonutrients assist in regulating hormones to excrete estradiol. Men with low testosterone have higher levels of estradiol so consuming foods that block estradiol can help boost testosterone levels naturally. Including one serving of cruciferous veggies daily is highly advised.

There’s a secret in chocolates that you need to know. This food contains flavonoids that can help erectile dysfunction. Flavonoids are potent antioxidants that can lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol; both can improve blood circulation.

It is important to note that eating dark is better than consuming milk or white chocolate. In a study that appears in the International Journal of Cardiology, they found that men who ate dark chocolate showed significant improvement in coronary circulation while those who ate white chocolate did not.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a spice popular for its ability to ease digestive issues as well as spark sex drive and enhance energy. In a 2016 study from Australia found that men who consumed fenugreek supplement have improved sexual function. It includes frequent sexual activity, morning erections and an increase in total and free testosterone.

5. Get Some Sun!

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin that we easily absorb from sun exposure has a range of essential benefits included in the bone production, brain, and immune system.

However, the deficiency often happens during winter when there is less sunlight. It can impact libido says Rob Hobson, head of nutrition at Healthspan and co-author of the Detox Kitchen Bible.

The research found that vitamin D plays an important role in the sex drive of both men and women. A study published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology found that men with adequate levels of vitamin D had more testosterone than those with lower levels.

Moreover, research published in the Journal of International Urology and Nephrology revealed that women with sexual dysfunction had lower levels of vitamin D. Women with lower levels of Vitamin D may have difficulty with arousal, lubrication, orgasms and satisfaction.

Since vitamin D deficiency is prevalent during winter, the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey advised to topped on the nutrient by taking in vitamin D supplements. In addition to the supplements, it is also recommended to get 15 minutes of direct sunshine everyday.


Making some changes in your lifestyle may not be that easy. However, bear in mind that the benefits you will reap are worth it. Having a consistent mutual sexual pleasure with your partner increases bonding within a relationship. But if low libido is hindering you from achieving it, read the list above for some advice.