Ostrim Sticks Are Perfect For Snacks While Dieting for Any Reason

What is Ostrim? It is the first nutrition for sports, is low in fat but high in protein. These meat sticks are made from a combination of Ostrich which is red meat that is highly nutritious and the leanest available beef. These meat sticks do not need refrigeration and are easy to open and enjoy. They have a great taste, are easy to chew and offer more nutritional benefits than most other nutrition sports bars. These meat sticks are the answer for those wanting a snack that is nutrition and will add extra protein to the diet.

Ostrich meat

Ostrich meat is used because they are naturally-raised with no antibiotic or stimulants and is one of the best sources of low-fat, yet high-protein meat. Ostrim snacks are a USDA inspected wellness and health food that tastes great. Many top athletes, personal trainers, nutritionists and dietitians recommend Ostrim as a natural source of low-fat meat protein. They come in a variety of flavours, so they can keep you going without getting bored with the same snack.

Zero in carbs

Ostrim is formulated scientifically to be near-zero in carbohydrates as well as sugar free. This is perfect to use with one of the many popular high-protein, and low carb diets. This is really a perfect source for low carb dieting.

Low in sodium

Ostrim has half the sodium of other dry-shelf jerky or meat sticks type products. It has only the minimum amount of sodium that has been balanced with potassium to eliminate excess water retention and to help with boost of energy.

No need to refrigerate

For safety Ostrim only contains micrograms of “sodium nitrite”, only enough to keep the product safe with no refrigeration and for use anytime. The USDA controls sodium nitrite which makes certain that just .001% to .0012% is the most contained in Ostrim.

Many flavours

These natural snack sticks are great sports nutrition meat snacks, gluten free, as well as great tasting. They are perfect for almost any diet that a person can be on for weight control, or sports dieting. Try them – you will like them.