Say Goodbye to Baldness Forever With Minoxidil Shampoo

Hair loss or thinning of hair has possibly become the major problem in modern times. Such problem is incredibly frustrating for anybody. Minoxidil shampoo encourages hair growth and reduces hair fall by stimulating hair follicles. It works wonderfully as a preventative shampoo and is enriched with concentrated minoxidil. Research suggests that it is mainly effective for curing male-pattern baldness. But in women this shampoo can prevent hair loss in the front part of scalp. There are two types of variant formulations available in the market such as 2% and 5% foam based solutions. With the use of this shampoo, you will definitely get some positive results.

How to apply on hair?

You should apply 1ml of solution or a certain amount of minoxidil shampoo on your dry hair. It is advised that you must use twice daily for four months to get positive outcomes. The shampoo should be outspread to the entire affected section thoroughly and do not forget to wash your hands with warm water. You have to keep for at least four hours. As the ingredients are clinically proven, it strengthens hair roots very effectively and promotes the growth cycle of hair.

When the hair starts growing it came across several phases. In anagen phase, hairs grows and then comes cotagen period when the hair detaches from its strands or follicles and finally promotes new hair growth. Again in the exogen phase the hairs drop out and hair re-grows. But sometimes you notice excessive hair loss and that can lead to permanent baldness and that phase is known as androgenetic alopecia. Minoxidil shampoo help to begin a new anagen phase and after several months of use you can see the difference. According to scientists, you will surely get moderate to thick hair after continuous use of one year.