Stages of Treatment in Drugs Addiction

There is scientific unanimity that drug use damages neuronal connections and the functioning of the brain. In fact, alcohol consumption can lead to severe neurological disorders such as Wernicke’s encephalopathy and Korsakoff’s syndrome. The first, fortunately, has pharmacological treatment in the initial stages, the second, no longer.

In general, we can differentiate three stages in the treatment of addiction:


In this first step, many addicted people must enter the center. It is about eliminating alcohol or other drugs outside the body and achieving physical stability, without the body already missing the substance. It should always be carried out under the watchful eye of the doctor and the psychiatrist, since intense discomfort may appear and become dangerous. In this way, detoxification will be carried out safely, and the possible symptoms of physical abstinence will be managed. Doctors will indicate drugs to avoid the effects of abstinence and make this process safer and easier. Occasionally, serum therapy will be required given the intolerance to food and the severity of the condition. The specialized treatment tries to avoid the appearance of complications. To do this, drugs of proven effectiveness are used, trying to have as little discomfort as possible in this situation.

The evolution that occurs in these days of hospital admission is very significant and, in a high percentage of patients, the change is radical. However, we must not forget that detoxification is the initial phase of the process, the beginning of the path, of the new life. Immediately you have to start detoxification to ensure definitive abstinence.

Total Abstinence

Detoxification is carried out in patients who are already detoxified, that is, they do not suffer the effects of abstinence from the drug. This stage must be done without internment. It is a process in which the person tries not to return to the consumption of the substance, fundamentally with a psychotherapeutic treatment, having as objective to get to live without consuming, to improve their psychosocial functioning and to have healthy habits. For this, professionals must promote certain personal and social skills in order to achieve said achievements.


In this stage, the change is consolidated, and plans and life projects are carried out. The professionals must remember the commitment to the new life and support their needs at all times.

Alcohol and Alcoholism

Alcohol is a legal drug, consumed with “normality” usually in a social way. It is a central nervous system depressant such as tranquilizers.

When we first consumed it, we noticed sensations of euphoria, optimism and increased sociability, subsequently lack of muscular coordination, visual disturbances, psychomotor excitement, and depending on the dose, respiratory depression, and coma.

The rehabilitation process begins by accepting that there is a problem, appreciating the harmful consequences that it produces, to initiate detoxification. This detoxification process can be done by the best alcohol rehab centre in Vaughan.