Taking Your 5-Year Old For A Dental Appointment: Quick Tips For Help!

Ideally, infants should see a dentist at the end of their 1st year. However, besides the regular checkup, you need to take the child to see a dentist by the age of 4 or 5, so that the little one can understand what dental care is all about. Keep in mind that this is the right time inculcate good habits, and the dentist is the right person to explain everything with a more practical approach. In this post, we bring a few tips about selecting a dental clinic and other relevant aspects.

  • Select a good dental clinic. Selected clinics like Pur offer pediatric dental care, and you need to know in advance if the office is kid-friendly. It is also a good idea to consider things like the treatments offered. Don’t compromise on selecting a good clinic, even if that means traveling a little more from your home.
  • Prepare your child mentally. Much like adults, kids are also scared of dental appointments, so make sure that they know about it. Don’t surprise the child or scare him with too much information. Let him know that it’s just like another appointment with a doctor.
  • Make a list of your questions. A good dentist will always answer all the questions related to pediatric dental care, so don’t hesitate to ask a few. This can be related to preventive procedures, the experience and expertise of the dentist, and other aspects. If your child has a specific dental problem at the moment, share the same, as well.
  • Ask the dentist about preventive care. In the ideal case, your dentist wouldn’t initiate a new treatment in the first appointment. Let the dentist know that your child needs information on preventive care, and he will suggest everything, from basic oral hygiene practices, selection of products, oral habits and more.

Do I need a pediatric dentist for my child?

A pediatric dentist has two additional years of training in dental school, and while they do specifically deal with dental care for children, you don’t always need one. If you select a good dental clinic, the dentist will anyway offer all the treatments you need, and in case he finds that the case requires more attention, he will recommend a pediatric dentist anyway. For selected situations and treatments, a pediatric dentist might be desirable.

Check online now to find more on pediatric dental care and make sure that your child gets an appointment at least twice a year.