The best sex toy for him – and it works on her as well

A cock ring is a genius sex toy for those who want wilder, more pleasurable sex. Read on to know how it helps both men and women achieve better climax.

There are many kinds of sex toys. But there are some that more than do their job and also blow your mind in the process.

Take, for example, the cock ring. At first glance, it seems a little kinky, because using it actually means that you are pooling blood inside the erect penis and keeping it there for a while. You might be afraid to use it, and worse, causing injury to yourself.

But rest assured that your fears are unfounded. Cock rings from leading brands are safe and easy to use, and they do wonders for your bedroom antics as well. Plus, they provide pleasure to both partners.

For him…

A cock ring is a sex toy worn around the penis, usually as close to the base as possible. It is meant to mildly restrict the blood flow to the penis, thus making it harder. Your erection is much firmer and it lasts longer as well. So, if you have been facing ‘performance issues’ in the bedroom lately, or if your partner is dissatisfied with how quickly you come, a cock ring is definitely worth a try.

For his partner…

You’ve probably tried vibrators and other sex toys that were meant for your use. But have you ever tried a cock ring with your partner? This device gives him a firmer, harder erection that makes him last longer in bed. Think of how explosive your climax will be, when he is able to go on for much longer with a harder penis. Meanwhile, the two of you get enough time to touch and taste each other – it’s a glorious new twist to your sex life.

Which kind of cock ring do you have?

  • Cock rings, or C-rings, come in many materials and a few types as well. The most common ones are hard plastic, rubber, metal, silicone and even soft rope.
  • Some men love the erections and orgasms they get when they use a cock ring. However, if the ring is not adjusted properly or is too tight, then it can hurt the penis. If it hurts, just take it off and proceed to have sex the usual way.
  • You can use cock rings with lubricant if you are afraid of chafing. In fact, we recommend the use of lubricant for your partner’s comfort. Just make sure that your penis is not too slippery, and that you adjust the sex toy to the right fit.
  • Some C-rings are meant to be used behind the testicles. But we recommend these only if you are experienced in the use of this sex toy, because they can cause some discomfort.