The Symptoms and Treatment For The Ankle Pain

If you are an athlete, you will likely to feel pain from your ankle. This condition is due to excessive movements you do that hurts the Achilles tendon. Achilles tendon pain is usually felt behind the heel and up the back of the ankle when walking or running. A pain like this can affect both active and inactive individuals. In most cases, the athletes develop this condition, especially for runners. Experiencing this pain can result in a limited ability to walk, climb stairs, or any foot activity. The experts can help people with Achilles Tendinopathy to reduce pain. They can restore strength, flexibility, and mobility to the affected area. Learn what causes it at

How Does it Feel?

This is the results when the Achilles tendon works greater than its ability to function. It can occur after an acute injury or after repetitive irritation or chronic injury. Pain like this is the result of repetitive trauma to the tendon. This can also lead to a gradual breakdown of the tissue and is most often treated with physical therapy. In most cases, this pain develops from the calf muscle tightness and calf muscle weakness. The abnormal foot structure and abnormal foot mechanics can also trigger this pain. The most common cause is actually the improper footwear and sometimes obesity. Changing the exercise routine or sports activity might lead to this pain as well.

What Are the Treatments for Tendinitis?

This pain is common in the area from above the heel and at any point along the tendon. You may experience tenderness with light applied pressure or stiffness with walking. It is at its worst with the first several steps due to the tightness in the calf. The swelling in the back of the ankle can worsen if not given an immediate treatment. Most of the treatments are to restore movement to the joint without pain. Your doctor helps to maintain strength in surrounding muscles while healing the tissues. Doing some foot activity way too soon can lead to a chronic tendon injury. Consult your physician for an immediate care and for further medications and treatment.

The Physical Therapy

The immediate treatment for overuse tendinopathy is given by your physical therapists. They will often recommend the program that will fit best for you. You will likely to have the physical therapy if rest and elevation of the injured tendon are not working. For medications, your doctor may also suggest a short course anti-inflammatory drugs. This is only to help reduce inflammation and pain. For chronic pain, your doctor may use a stronger drug injected on the tendon. This medication is only for some injury due to the potentially harmful effects of use.

See your physical therapist to get the safest remedy for your pain. They can also propose some exercises plan for the overused tendon. The therapy reduces pain while strengthening nearby muscle groups and maintaining muscle tone. You begin to exercise the tendon itself to strengthen the muscle while stretching.