Understanding Criminology and Criminal Justice: Which Degree Is Right for You?

The biggest challenge that most of people have is deciding a career path. Once you have decided your career search, you still need to select the general area that one wants to study. Do not be fooled that once you are aware of what you want to study it means that all the other decisions will be straight forward, no, they will not be easy. In today’s world, students have more options to choose from than ever before. You will find that almost all schools are offering online degree programs; this makes it difficult to select one amongst the many. It becomes overwhelming and confusing to select. What can help you separate some of these programs knows whether you want to work in public service. There are several career paths that are available to you and this is the first step to deciding which path is right for you.

Deciding Whether To Study In Criminology Or Criminal Justice:

The university of phoenix knows the difficulty and challenges it brings to most people in deciding between the two courses. The two programs, criminology and criminal justice seem like they are one and the same at first but after you go through this post you will be able to tell the difference and have a better understanding. The University of Phoenix has online criminal justice program that prepare one varying crime fields. Here are details about both programs criminology and criminal justice outlining the difference between the two dynamic fields.

Criminology Degree Overview

The course is best described as the scientific study of crime as a social phenomenon. It is an ideal program for students who want to work in the legal system right after graduating or students who are considering joining law school. Criminology involves a great deal of theoretical discussions of administration of justice in the U.S. It explores the cause of crime and the many type of consequences that may befall a person. You will have to learn about crime psychology and sociological nature of crime. To be good in criminology, the student must attain knowledge on forensics, political science, law, psychology, communication skills, American history and statistics.

There are three common subdivisions within criminology:

  • Penology: It is the study of prisons and prison system as a whole.
  • Feminist criminology: It is the study of women involved in crime
  • Biocriminology: It is the study of biological basis of criminal activities.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, criminology is closer and related to the profession of a sociologist. Careers related to criminology include researchers, post-secondary instructors or professors. In most cases, doing a criminology degree will require an advanced degree at some point in your career.

Criminal Justice Degree Overview

Criminal justice refers to the system of law enforcement; this includes correction facilities and courts. It also includes other government institutions that want to uphold social control and lessen the occurrence of crime. Criminal justice is directly concerned with addressing crime and criminal behavior in the society. It also involves learning about how the administration side of crime related careers. With the University of Phoenix criminal justice degree, will be able to study criminal investigations, criminal profiling, criminal justice reform, constitutional law, judicial process and many other topics. To become successful in such a field, one needs to have good analytical skills and a strong judgment. You also have to be honest, observant and responsible.

Career Paths For Criminal Justice:

  • Court Clerk
  • Federal Air Marshal
  • County/deputy sheriff
  • Bailiff
  • Corrections counselor
  • Immigration officer
  • Paralegal
  • State trooper
  • Parole officer
  • Probation officer
  • Conservation officer

Criminal justice is the interdisciplinary study of justice, police and jails. Your criminal justice degree  will enable you specialize in established systems and means of dealing with crime. It is directly associated with law enforcement. You can clearly tell the difference between criminology and criminal justice. I hope this post will help you make an informed decision while deciding between the two courses.