Use Synthetic Urine to Pass A Drug Test

The stigma of smoking marijuana greatly is lessening across the nation. Yet, marijuana remains illegal in the federal government’s eyes, and many job providers do not allow workers to engage in recreational or even medically prescribed marijuana use. As a result, many workers are resorting to using synthetic urine to pass drug tests.

When employers submit workers to drug testing, many wind up failing the tests and losing their jobs, despite not being under the influence. The potential for long-lasting storage of THC in the human body has given rise to the use of synthetic urine to pass drug test. THC metabolites in marijuana typically store themselves in the body’s fat cells. The more fat cells the user has, the more THC metabolites can stored themselves in the fat and last for up to two months.

Eventually, the fat cells burn off. When they do, THC gets released into the blood stream and urine. When it comes time for urine-based drug testing, the worker often fails when the THC stored in fat cells shows up in trace amounts in urine. In many cases, workers fail drug tests despite having been completely sober for weeks prior to the drug testing. Yet, the THC metabolites inevitably show up at the worst possible time.

Despite many states legalizing its use for medical treatments and even for recreational use, smoking marijuana remains the top cause of failed drug tests cross the nation. With THC residing in the body of frequent users for up to two months, synthetic urine to pass drug test protocols has become a viable option.

Synthetic urine closely resembles human urine and often is indistinguishable from the real thing. Using synthetic urine to pass drug test exams is legal in most states, but some are implementing bans on its use. States are banning synthetic urine because it is one of the most effective ways to thwart invasive drug testing protocols that could cause a hard-working employee to lose his or her job.

At least 18 states have enacted limitations or outright bans on synthetic urine, but most still allow it. That makes it completely legal for lawful users of medical and recreational marijuana to continue using one of society’s most misunderstood medicinal tools. Fortunately, high-quality synthetic urine is simple to obtain in either liquid or powder form, bring up to body temperature, and use it to pass workplace and other types of drug testing. When using synthetic urine to pass drug test protocols, the final product looks and tests just like the real thing, but without the THC.