Vitamins and herbs that increase sexual desire

Sexual issue is one of main issue which disturbs most of man. Herbal sex pills are one of best solution for the man issues. Below are some herbs which are useful in sexual issues

Vitamin B

The loss of libido can be due to a deficiency of vitamin B, which affects energy in general. This Supplement can help in strong erection, and include more foods rich in B-complex vitamins, such as chicken, beef, eggs and green leafy vegetables in your diet.


The best supplements are those that boost the natural production of energy and hormones in your body. Recommends vitamins A and E, the antioxidants that can help increase energy, circulation and cell growth.

Many healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, include just what you need to maintain a healthy libido


It is known that the deficiency of this essential mineral often decreases sexual desire. That could explain why a particular food is usually considered an aphrodisiac. Oysters are rich in zinc and can help increase libido.


A vitamin found in nuts, beef, tuna and grains . Just do not abuse its use: at high levels (more than 400 mg), it can cause side effects such as heart, liver and kidney problems, as well as increase the risk of prostate cancer.


Some studies suggest that supplements with L-arginine may help increase sexual desire in man and enhance hard erection. This supplement can increase blood flow to the vaginal area.

Omega 3

Consuming this fatty acid, present in “fatty” fish such as salmon. It has been linked to improved circulation and reduced symptoms of depression, both key factors of sexual health. “Vitamins are the key to improving blood flow and functioning of organs.


Could the solution to your sex life be found in an apple pie? A study conducted found that, at least in mice, nutmeg improve sexual performance. For her part that the aroma of cinnamon can increase the disposition to sex. It has been shown that musky aromas, such as cinnamon, bergamot, cedar and patchouli, awaken carnal desire.


In traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng has been the basic treatment to increase libido. Some studies have found that it can also help relieve erectile dysfunction.

Hence to solve the issue of erectile dysfunction herbs are good option as they have no side effect on health