What Are the Common Signs Indicating You Need to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are required to eat roots, raw meats and raw vegetables easily. This tooth erupts at the age of 25 to 27 years. You can find different types of problems in this tooth if you don’t take proper care of it.

When the problem becomes severe, your wisdom tooth has to be ultimately removed from your mouth. There are some signs that will tell you to remove your wisdom tooth quickly.

What is the need for the wisdom tooth to be removed?

Poor Growth

Wisdom teeth sometimes take up a lot of space in your mouth which makes it overcrowded. When all the teeth can’t fit properly in the mouth, then the only option left with the dentist is to remove it. Your dentist will determine which wisdom tooth needs to be extracted to solve the issue.

Irritation and pain

Sometimes a wisdom tooth can lead to a lot of painful sensation. When this pain becomes unbearable, then get yourself checked with a qualified dentist.

Your dentist will check to see whether it is the wisdom tooth that is causing you the pain. When such irritation and pain persist even after taking medications, then the dentist will recommend to extract the tooth as the best available solution.

Difficulty Eating

If you feel any painful sensation when you chew or drink something, then it could be an indication that the teeth have to be removed. The main reason that leads to this problem is when the food gets stuck in between the teeth and the gums.

This presents problem while you try to reach the rear section of your mouth to clean it while brushing. Oracare is a superior dental clinic located in downtown Montreal in Canada. Oracare dentist may suggest you a few dental products to deal with this issue. If none of the products prove to be beneficial, then the last option to handle this problem would be wisdom tooth extraction.

Formation of a cyst around the tooth

When a sac present next to your teeth fills with fluid, then it gives rise to a cyst. When this cyst is left untreated, then it gets the ability to destroy roots, bones, and surrounding dental structures. In those circumstances, removal of wisdom tooth is the best solution available.


So, if you find any of these symptoms, then you should definitely get the assistance of a good dentist and get it removed.