What to Know Before You Start Exercise?

Many people hate exercising while others adore it but, starting to go to the gym can become a very good strategy to get fit. Lately, it has become very fashionable, not only for all the celebrities with the abdomen marked Instagram photos but also because the gym becomes a place where you can exercise.

I assure you that you will love this article, but you will love more what you will see in the mirror soon.

In addition, social networks are one of the driving forces behind the success of the exercise industry.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably very inspired with all those pictures of people showing their abdomen marked, or maybe you just want to get fit to look and feel better.

So no matter what your motive, what is a fact is that to be more fit, strength training in combination with cardiovascular training is ideal and, an outdoor fitnessgeräte brings together all that you need.

Of course, to see those results you have to be constant, and that is the real problem, how to be constant with fitness.

Going to the gym and being consistent is a challenge, it takes time, effort and discipline.

Also, I know how you feel, the gym looks intimidating at first.

With just one foot in, you can already see sculptural bodies in the mirror, devices similar to those of Chinese torture (especially the face of suffering on the faces of people who use it) and other machines in your life you’ve never seen.

And it’s true; there are many things you must learn to have a successful start in the gym, so we go by steps.

Choose an Outdoor Fitness Center

Before starting you should be clear to what outdoor fitness you will go.

Ask yourself and write when, how much, how, why, and if you are new to exercise, you probably do not know what to expect, how to train or even what you want to achieve.

This part can be boring but, trust me, it is key that guarantees future results.

I explain why: we assume that we already know when we will go to exercise, and we say things like “in the morning” or “in the afternoon after work,” but in reality, this is not specific at all.


This is my favorite part; we usually do not stop to think about how, because it seems pretty obvious.

The “how to go to exercise” means the series of steps you have to take to get to the gym, enter the door, do your routine and leave, at the time of the day you chose and on the days you selected.

If you’re right! This part is linked to the previous question, in order to create a complete plan of action.

This prepares your brain in advance, decreases mental resistance and helps you overcome the typical self-sabotage or excuses that make you give up or postpone.

For what?

This question is important because it clarifies the expectation you have and the results you expect to get when you start exercising. Also, knowing your goal facilitates the design of your routine.

It is clear that in a week it is not realistic to have your legs marked, but the simple fact of writing a more attainable result helps you to manage your own expectations better and makes you constant to achieve great results.


Having a reason that explains why you do it, will be your lifeline in those days when you have no energy, or when you have no motivation.

The “why go to exercise” of the majority is: be healthier, be more fit or have your abdomen marked, but, if you really analyze it, you will realize that you probably have a unique, intimate and personal reason.

For example, I want to upload pictures in a bikini to Instagram because I want my ex to see what was lost or I want to rescue my marriage, or I want to feel better when I buy clothes.

There are no wrong answers; there are no absurd answers, no intelligent answers, there is only your true motive and no one else’s.

Besides having everything ready prevents you from wasting time looking for your socks, or filling your bottle of water with haste.

Always have a checklist in your closet, in the bathroom, or at the door of the house with everything you have to leave ready the day before.